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Biology state species respond to external atmosphere and environment respond to each individual are controlled by gene. The smallest unit of species is a cell that contains chromosomes. Cell’s chromosomes are consist of gene which control the information for species activity and inherit it to species descendant. So, we have to know our gene to take a control of our life.

The disease pathway stands for pre symptom, emerging symptom and progressive disease. Each step in everybody has specific gene status. Getting that status will adding the value like risk assessment and early detection in pre symptom step; diagnostic, prognostic and predictive in emerging symptom step; and therapy monitoring in progressive disease step. This platform what KalGen called a personalized medicine.


Since Kalbe founded in 1966 by dr. Boenjamin Setyawan and his family, He established Stem Cell and Cancer Institute (SCI) in 2006. SCI for cancer affair researched the oncogene in colorectal, it called KRAS gene. The research revealed that KRAS gene status influence the anti EGFR effectivity. In 2009, based on that research, Kalbe launched Kalbe Genomics (KalGen) Laboratory that served KRAS gene test for anti EGFR predictive marker in the management of colorectal cancer.

Now, KalGen has expanded into Indonesia and Asia to serve bio marker test in the personalizing therapy of cancer. KalGen serves bio marker test for brain cancer, head & neck cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, myelodysplastic syndrome. KalGen always improve their competency by following ISO medical laboratory accreditation (ISO 15189:2012); adopting the highest standard of international quality assurance (EMQN, ESP, UKNEQAS and CAP); accelerating turn around time by technology innovation and logistic improvement; and simplifying the service process.