Lung Cancer

  1. EGFR Mutation Test
    1. Indication: non small cell lung cancer
    2. Function: predict the effectivity of tyrosine kinase inhibitor/ TKI (gefitinib, erlotinib, afatinib)
    3. Sample: cytology (pleura effusion, bronchus smear, FNAB) or histopathology fixed by neutral buffer formalin 10% in cell block or stained/ unstained coated slide with more than 200 tumor cells and contained more than 50% tumor cells, primary or metastatic site is eligible
    4. Analyte: DNA (Exon 18, 19, 20 and 21)
    5. Method: real time PCR
    6. Interpretation: mutation in exon 19 or 21 is eligible for TKI therapy
    7. TAT: 7 working days
    8. Guideline: NCCN 7.2015 and ESMO
    9. External quality assurance: ISO 15189-2007EMQN 2012EMQN 2014

  2. ALK EML4 Amplification Test (research and development)